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Professional Stone and Brick Replacement in Greater Pittsburgh Area

When it comes to exteriors, stone and brick are classic, well-loved choices that offer a distinguished alternative to modern materials. However, over the course of several years, stonemasonry can slowly begin to degrade and wear away. When that happens, it’s time to enlist the help of contractors that know their way around stone and brick structures.

R & R Masonry Restoration offers a full suite of masonry repair services in Greater Pittsburgh, for situations like the above and more. We remove defaced or spalling brick, then replace it with new materials. Best of all, we use traditional techniques to accomplish every repair or replacement job we undertake, which translates to more authentic results for your property. Reach out today to discuss your needs.

Causes of Damaged Brick

Spalled brick, often miscalled “spaulded” brick, is a term used to describe the damage that happens when water penetrates, freezes, and thaws inside the brick. In warmer weather, water enters soft, porous brick; when the temperature drops below freezing, that water freezes too, causing fractures in the surrounding brick structure. This eventually leads to disintegration and flaking/chipping.

The only way to fight back against spalling is to replace the damaged brick. A professional masonry contractor will have the tools and experience needed to do this without disturbing your brick structure too much. Our team is ready to dispatch to your home or business, assess the damage, and recommend a course of action that guarantees the restoration of your beautiful brick structure.

No Project Too Large or Too Small

You don’t have to have your entire brick structure replaced to get rid of unsightly spalled bricks. Ask about spot replacement for small damaged sections. During spot replacement, our stone masonry repair contractors cut out each brick with a 12" saw to prevent other bricks in the wall from being disturbed. However, if your structure is extensively damaged, we can also replace large sections of walls and even chimneys. If we cannot find a suitable matching brick for your replacement needs or one that suits your preferences, we can use stone in the place of brick.

Ask About Sealing Services

If you’re concerned about spalling affecting your home or business’s brick, don’t wait around for it to happen. Instead, ask our masonry experts about the benefits of brick sealing, which can help prevent moisture from penetrating.

Contact us today to request any of our masonry repair services at your home or business. We proudly serve the Greater Pittsburgh Area.