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Know When You Need Steel Support Beam Replacement in the Greater Pittsburgh Area

Both new and existing buildings require sturdy steel supports for bracing and stability. And, whether you’re looking to reinforce a new or existing building, it helps to know you can always depend on the team at R & R Masonry Restoration for assistance. We have the experience and equipment needed to handle steel support beam replacement in Greater Pittsburgh, along with installation.

Over time, many more commercial properties have started to use steel beams to reinforce structures of all shapes and sizes. Not only that, steel is becoming more and more popular for residential structures, too. It resists moisture and fire damage, and it’s a better choice for reinforcing homes with timber frames.

If you’re unsure whether steel beams are right for your property, the answer is probably yes – but our team is happy to help you decide. We have experience with brick, stone, and steel. Reach out today to discuss your needs and get an estimate based on your project’s details.

Know Your Beams

New steel beams are an excellent choice for any building that has a damaged existing support structure, or one that simply needs additional reinforcement. However, no matter the size or complexity of the project, it’s well worth your time to enlist the help of an experienced contractor – one that knows their way around steel beam installation.

As veterans in our industry, we consider it our responsibility to provide background information about the different types of steel beams available. Each is a different shape, each offers a different type of support, and each is best suited for certain projects. Read on to learn more about these beams, or get in touch with our team for more details.

I-Beams: As its name suggests, this beam’s cross-section resembles the capital letter I. Its tapered flanges are considered preferable when it comes to supporting bending and shear loads.

H-Beams: Many people – including industry professionals – use the terms “I-beam” and “H-beam” interchangeably. But qualified contractors know that H-beams are longer and heavier.

W-Beams: While it’s common to find I-beams in industrial structures, residential structures are more likely to have W-beams, which feature straight flanges.

S-Beams: Also known as the American Standard Beam, the S-beam is very similar to the I-beam. However, S-beams are different in that they feature sloped sections on the inner portions of their flanges.

Hollow Structural Sections: This type of support beam is usually found in frames in which members must support loading in several directions.

Contact our team to find out more about our approach to steel support beam replacement and new beam installation. We proudly serve Greater Pittsburgh Area.