Brick Pointing / Mortar Replacement

Brick pointing is the removal of old mortar and the installation of new mortar from stone or brick buildings. The need for pointing occurs from weather over the years, from improper windowsills or damaged brick. This problem usually occurs the most on the "weather" side of the building. If not taken care of, this can lead to water problems inside of the building, and brick spalding and defacing of the brick or stone on the outside of the building.

A common clue for inside water problems is paint bubbling over the top and sides of windows. The outside clues are recessed open holes all over the wall or very sandy mortar joints that can be separated out with a key or pen.R & R Masonry Restoration can perform spot pointing or point your entire home or commercial building.

Window & Door Lintel Replacement

A "lintel" (also spelled "lentil") is a piece of steel that crosses over the window or door opening to carry brick or stone over the opening. When the lintel begins to rust or swell, the brick or stonework begins to shift up and out causing mortar joints to crack in an upward fashion. Eventually, if not replaced, broken brick and movement on the outside wall will occur. This also can cause water and insect problems for interior walls.

Lintels are replaced by removing 1 to 3 courses (rows) of brick or stone above the window or door. All of the bricks and/or stone are saved and relayed in tinted mortar, matching color and texture. The new lintels are treated with rust-prevention paint to prevent the same problem from occurring in the future.

An old steel lintel:

Brick Replacement

R & R Masonry Restoration can also remove defaced or spalding brick. Brick problems are usually due to water issues, or soft/porous brick that is perpetually frozen and thawed each winter.

During spot replacements, each brick is cut out with a 12" saw to minimize disturbing the other bricks in the wall. We also perform replacements of large sections of walls and even chimneys. If suitable matching brick cannot be found for replacement, or at your discretion, stone can be used in place of brick for chimneys, as below:

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